About Us

Manufacturer of Cathodic Protection Systems

CerAnode Technologies is a division of APS Materials, Inc. (APS), a high-tech arc plasma spray coatings company. The present owners and operators of APS, originally part of Monsanto Corporation, incorporated APS as a private company in 1975. During our history, first as part of Monsanto Corporation and now as APS, we have applied thousands of different material systems using the plasma spray process.

In 1984, by virtue of an exclusive technology transfer from the US Army Corps Construction Engineering Research Laboratory requiring the APS process, the CerAnode Technologies division was formed. The US Army Construction Research Laboratory (CERL) granted APS Materials, Inc. an exclusive license under the Davis Bacon Act for the technology it developed and patented.

The CerAnode Charter since its beginning has been to further research, develop and manufacture what is now the CerAnode version of MMO impressed current anodes. Today, CerAnode is recognized worldwide as a manufacturer of a complete line of state-of-the-art, high quality, MMO anodes and related products. CerAnode electrodes are used for cathodic protection, fossil fuel combustion optimization, chlorate and chlorine production, chemical conversion, plating, electrochemical remediation, sanitation, electro osmosis and electro-osmotic-pulse technology.

Other APS divisions use the arc plasma spray processing for a variety of industries including aerospace, biomedical, electronic, etc. APS-BioMedical applies porous titanium and calcium phosphate bioceramic coatings to bone implants used in patients suffering from osteoporosis. APS-Aerospace applies thermal barrier and wear resistant coatings to jet engine parts. APS-Electronics applies corrosion ceramics to chip manufacturing equipment. The CerAnode division uses arc plasma spray processing to manufacture abrasion resistant impressed current anodes by applying a very thin but powerful MMO ceramic coating to different titanium shapes. Made of the most inert materials known to man, CerAnode impressed current anodes are engineered to provide long term reliable service. Innovative cable-to-anode factory connections have virtually eliminated the traditional "weak link" of the Cathodic Protection Industry. The CerAnode cable-to-anode connection is engineered and manufactured under controlled conditions and quality control procedures. The anodes are durable, lightweight, ductile, and dimensionally stable. They are designed for ease of installation.