AC Mitigation


CerAnode is a proud manufacturer of AC mitigation material to counter the corrosive effects of alternating currents on pipelines.  When the pipeline is near high voltage AC lines, AC current can be induced onto the pipe and promote increased corrosion rates to the pipe. The objective is to control the path of the AC current off the pipe and direct it to an earth ground to mitigate the damage due to AC corrosion. Our AC linear grounding system (ACL-CS) utilizes a natural cotton sock with outer braiding for additional strength and durability.  The naturally absorbent cotton fabric delivers low resistivity to ground with no shielding affects to limit the AC current. The cotton material is biodegradable and “environmentally green”.   CerAnode’s AC linear mitigation system combines ease of installation with low cost and gives the customer the ability to order custom lengths to meet their needs.  We fabricate custom lengths with underground connections manufactured at the factory in a controlled environment, and deliver to the site - ready to install.

Product Benefits

  • Naturally absorbent cotton sock
  • Provides superior conductivity
  • Ability to order custom lengths
  • No splicing needed
  • Low cost
  • Performs better than bare copper
  • 19 strand copper for better flexibility
  • Contains corrosion inhibitor to protect copper
  • Low resistance, electrical connection to earth
  • Ready to install
  • 100% MADE IN THE USA by CerAnode Technologies


  • Sock Diameter:  1.5-inch
  • Approx. Product Weight (dependent on copper size): 1 lb. (0.46 kg) per linear foot
  • Copper conductor sizes:  6 AWG, 2 AWG, 1/0 AWG
  • Full 5ft reel holds approx. 1,640ft (500m)
  • Full 4ft reel holds approx. 1,000ft (305m)
  • Full 3ft reel holds approx. 400ft (122m)
  • Resistance to earth (500ft):  0.10 ohms/1,000 ohm-cm soil
  • Sock material:  Cotton
  • Outer braiding (color coded):  For additional strength & durability
  • Backfill (inside sock): Loresco® PowerFill™
CerAnode separates itself from the competition by providing a quality product without the potential headaches you may experience from similar products.  We take pride in solving your corrosion problems and giving you a quality product at a low cost.  For more information, contact CerAnode.