Process Anodes

CerAnode’s MMO High Current Robust Process Anode (RPA)

CerAnode’s RUGGEDODETM anode is TOUGH.

Used for heat exchanger, water boxes, pipes, valves, pumps and other in-process applications and features an arc-plasma sprayed dielectric interface between the anode rod and process fitting resulting in greater mechanical strength, dielectric strength and seal integrity. .

It is made of a titanium substrate (a strong light weight aerospace metal) and activated with an inert conductive ceramic coating. It is then molded to a plated steel process fitting in conjunction with a plasma sprayed dielectric-ceramic epoxy-FRP interface resulting in high mechanical strength, an excellent process seal and a very high insulation resistance. The anode maintains dimensional stability over its design life.

Designed to fit standard off-the-shelf LB or GALB junction box for rigid conduit or cable glands.

Available in a variety of standard and custom sizes.